Link Cube

Scope: Interior Metal Art Wall and Divider with S/S cover plates
Contractor: Wespac
Architect: Gensler
Client: Link Cube
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Stunning metal tube shelved wall display and lobby divider with distinctive stainless threshold/ expansion joint covers.

Make your building’s lobby a soothing and relaxing garden space with full green foliage. Green plants combined with a metal tube frame, and wood makes the perfect balance bringing the outdoors inside. Metal work on this large of scale is no problem for M3 Metals. Shelving made from quality steel tubing, with expert fabrication, and installation this lobby will remain an inviting and peaceful space for many years to come.

Sometimes special building conditions require unique solution, for this scenario an expansion joint in a lobby which was an eye sore is now a beautiful eye-catching addition to the lobby. M3 Metals always delivers an extraordinary product on time with the quality that you have come to expect from M3 Metals. Give our team of experts an idea and very quickly your vision becomes reality.