Home2 Suites #2

Scope: Glass and Stainless Steel Beacon Feature
Contractor: McKinney Glass
Architect: Studio Z Architecture
Client: Home2 Suites
Location: Our second installation at another location

Building roof glass and nighttime beacon feature

This glass and stainless steel feature accentuates this signature building and beacons you from afar. With the back lighting, and frosted glass it shines in the evening sky and makes a bold and visual statement. This unique feature not only signals location, it advertises, and enhances this Hotel’s trademark appearance making it stand out from all others. Constructed with massive 1-1/16″ Thick frosted glass panels, S/S top cap, and heavy-duty aluminum glass shoe mounting channels, nether wind, rain, or the oppressive heat of Arizona can harm this impressive addition. M3 Metals excels in all your architectural metals needs no matter how large or small your vision. M3 Metals team members can assist you from large crane hoisted features to even the smallest residential accent. Your projects can reach their full potential with M3 Metal’s team of professionals. Give M3 Metals a call and let us take things to the highest level.