Renegade Clubhouse

Scope: Interior and Exterior Blackened Metal Features
Contractor: Haydon Building Corp.
Architect: DTJ DESIGN, Inc.
Client: Renegade Clubhouse
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Specialized interior steel cladding and accent metal shelving
combined with unique exterior custom handrails.

This project is a prime example of M3 Metal’s diverse and wide range of capabilities in delivering a complete metals project package. The outdoor spaces include unique custom carbon steel handrails at the concrete steps. Powder coated with a durable and weather resistant finish these handrails will provide years of worry free functionality. The interior spaces also uniquely use carbon steel for all the multifaceted features. Using a blackened chemical finish to provide a stunning and long lasting look . Precision cladding over existing the millwork is no challenge for M3 Metals. Examples reflected in the photos include Desk tops and end panels, foot rails at seating areas, and two stunning fireplaces. Don’t miss the contemporary and eye catching shelving units at the bar and various planters. M3 Metals is known for it’s quality work with nonferrous metals and glass but we will also deliver astonishing results with carbon steel. M3 Metals will enhance and refine all specialty projects regardless of the materials required.