Gilbert Municipal Renovation

Scope: Stainless Steel and Glass Guardrail/Handrail Systems
Contractor: Willmeng Construction
Architect: Gensler
Client: Gilbert Municipal Renovation
Location: Gilbert, Arizona

A building renovation bringing a municipality into the 20th century
with glass guardrails accentuated with stainless steel handrails.

When renovating a municipality, the goal is to add new function and modernization to the appearance with a clean sleek look. Nothing makes a bolder statement than clear tempered laminated glass with a brushed stainless-steel accent. Interior tempered laminated glass not only offers great strength, but additional substantial overhead safety. Add low maintenance stainless-steel posts and handrails also add the benefit many years of trouble-free luster. The exterior black steel guardrails was brought life with the added a stainless steel handrail compliment. This high quality stainless steel tubing resists anything to outdoors can throw at it. Virtually no maintenance once installed and definitely added the perfect contrast for a more modern look.