Raintree Corporate Center

Scope: Stainless Steel Elevator and Wall Cladding
Contractor: Stevens Leinweber
Architect: Ajanta Group
Client: Raintree Corporate Center
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Crisp and clean stainless steel elevator trim, wall cladding with
stainless steel trimmed planter/cane guard on the first floor

18 Gauge stainless steel was used to modernize the existing elevator doors, surrounding walls and glass panels enhancing and highlighting the entire lobby area with a brilliant and contemporary luster. Stainless steel panels coupled with dark glass panels adds perfect contrast. ADA code requirements require cane barriers beneath overhanging stair stringers. As seen in the photos the client opted to incorporate M3 Metals Stainless steel trim to a planter barrier rather than simple cane rail tubes adding additional eyecatching style and function. Nothing makes a more powerful statement than sleek clean look stainless steel does. Durable and easy to clean. There is no surface that matches it’s ease of maintenance. It will not rust or will ever need paint. Light scratches are simple to remove with a cleaning pad. M3 Metals is known for excellence and craftsmanship with guardrail and handrail systems. But M3 Metals is much more than that. This lobby is just one more example of our expanded capacity to get the job done when timeliness and quality counts. Call M3 Metals for your next project. Let your visions come to life.