YRMC Foothills MOB

Scope: Stainless Steel and Glass Guardrail System
Contractor: Haydon Building Corp.
Architect: Orcutt/Winslow
Client: YRMC Foothills MOB
Location: Yuma, Arizona

Unique Stainless Steel and Glass Guardrail System

This is a very unique and contemporary guardrail system. The most notable feature is the eye catching multipoint post supports. Welded to a singular center stringer and also to the stair treads this two point support design adds strength to the entire system. Not only is this concept structurally sound, the distinctive design will catch your attention from all sides. Stainless steel always adds the perfect contrast to any paint scheme. Unlike most staircases the bottom side will draw equal attention as well. Constructed with High quality brushed stainless steel and 9/16″ thick clear tempered laminated glass maintenance is not an issue. A simple occasional cleaning is all that is needed. With ADA compliance a matching stainless steel cane rail is also added on the lower level.