Scottsdale Civic Center

Scope: Stainless Steel Stage Lighting Rail System
Contractor: Willmeng
Architect: Ritoch-Powell & Lake | Flato
Client: Scottsdale Civic Center
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Creative and functional stainless steel outdoor stage lighting rail.

Stainless steel lighting rails provide eye catching appeal and functionality at two outdoor performance stages. Harsh Arizona outdoor environments raise havoc on painted surfaces, stainless steel not only adds brilliance to the eye but also offers years of corrosion free service and structural reliability. The complex and twisting overhead conditions was no challenge for the M3 Metal’s team of experts. Custom onsite rolling was easily accomplished with M3 Metal’s custom-built proprietary machinery. Holding tight tolerances when the project demands it is no problem. M3 metals will confidently take on the complex job’s others turn away.