Nextiva Headquarters TI

Scope: Steel/Glass Guardrail with Steel Planter
Contractor: Layton Construction Company, LLC
Architect: RSP Architect
Client: Nextiva Headquarters TI
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Contemporary and unique blackened steel and glass guardrail system with custom matching blackened steel planters adds the look of strength and stability that only steel can do.

This steel railing system combined with a steel monolithic planter is finished with a durable chemically blackened finish that has proven to be durable and problem free even with many years of high traffic abuse.

Paired with high quality tempered laminated glass this entire system not only meets code requirements, but it also exceeds it. Steel does not have to be boring. Let M3 Metals show you new horizons you have never seen before. Does your project require a one-of-a-kind and spectacular visual experience containing multiple and different elements all rolled up into one quality and affordable package? M3 Metals has the vision and the expertise to put it all together in a single bundle, so you do not waste your time needlessly searching for multiple sources.