Envita HQ Offices and Clinic

Scope: Stainless Steel and Glass Guardrail
Contractor: Reliance Build Inc.
Architect: SCSA Healthcare Architecture Planning
Client: Envita HQ Offices and Clinic
Location: Scottsdale,, Arizona

Dazzling contemporary stainless steel and glass stair case and balcony.

This uniquely styled system was designed to complement the elegant lighting and surrounding architecture. The guardrail system sparkles and shines without being distracting and overbearing in an area where less is more. This sleek design meets and exceeds all code requirements with superior strength and durability. Made with the highest quality stainless steel, crystal clear tempered and laminated glass, and a solid heavy duty aluminum shoe system clad in stainless steel. M3 Metals can easily solve your design needs and continues to be committed to the highest quality and expertise to all of your design needs. If you need it done right and you need it on time, call M3 Metals.