Banner Sports Medicine

Scope: Stainless Steel and Glass Guardrail System
Contractor: Willmeng Construction
Architect: HKS Architect
Client: Banner Sports Medicine
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Spectacular stainless steel and glass main lobby staircase.

Utility becomes art with this amazing lobby guardrail system. Made with high quality stainless steel and glass you can’t help but notice this is the perfect combination to compliment the white colors and dazzling lighting of this showcase. Clean, crisp, and beautiful is the only way to describe it. With non corrosive and rust free stainless steel a quick wipe down is all you will ever need. Maintenance could not be easier. Securely fastened with a engineered stainless steel clad aluminum glass shoe this system is not only beautiful but solid. 9/16″ thick tempered clear laminated glass insures strength and overhead safety. This indoor space makes a statement. Let M3 metals provide the perfect solution to your design needs when a total concept needs to come together. M3 Metals team of experts are only a email or phone call away.