Banner Health

Scope: Railing Upgrade
Contractor: Integrity Building Group
Architect: N/A
Client: Banner Health
Location: Glendale, Arizona

Code Compliant Upgrade with a Fresh Modern Look

M3 Metals specializes in modernizing and code compliant upgrades to existing Railing systems. If you’re tired of the outdated look of your railing system, or perhaps the city has found code compliance issues with an older railing that no longer meets the new and ever changing codes rules. Why break the bank replacing your entire system. Let our team come up with a creative and cost-effective alternative.

In this month’s photo of the month project, we did just that. On this Project there where 3 code issues. The guard rail was so low on the stairs that it did not even meet handrail height requirements. The spacing between the horizontal pipes also exceeded 4” minimum spacing. The simple solution was to add height to the guardrails, add a handrail to meet the city height requirements, and place a stainless-steel cable in the oversize voids. Simple solutions at a substantial savings. Please contact our staff and see how we may assist in resolving code compliance issues with a touch of modernization.